Class, Mon, 2/10


Fastwrite: Describe a positive experience you’ve had with writing—something you’ve done as a writer that you’ve enjoyed or taken pride in.  Read what you’ve written to introduce yourself to the class.

About this courseWaysofseeingcvr

  • Critical Reading and Writing
  • Writing Cultural Criticism
  • John Berger, Ways of Seeing

 Some expectations

  • Come on time and ready to work
  • Bring a pen, notebook, the texts we are scheduled to talk about, and any homework assigned
  • No food, no laptops, no phones

To do

  1. Wed, 2/12, 1:00 pm: Read the course materials posted to this website. Write down three questions or comments—either practical or philosophical—about the course. Peg your questions to specific pages on the site. Email me these questions at
  2. Wed, 2/12, 1:00 pm: Read Essay 1 of Ways of Seeing (pp. 5–34).  Write down at least five terms or phrases that seem important to Berger’s thinking. Note the page on which they appear. Then define what they mean in your own words. Include this list of terms in the same email as your questions about the course.
  3. Wed, 2/12, class: Create an account at Write down the email you use to register.

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