Class, Wed, 2/12

Getting started

Read over the list of questions about this course. With the person sitting next to you, rank order three that you’d really like to ask me about. Each pair will get to ask me one question.

Reading the course schedule

Defining John Berger’s project as a writer

Fastwrite: A project is what a writer is trying to accomplish, their aim, the reason why they are writing. Look at the five terms you highlighted from Berger’s text. See if you can use at least three or four of these keywords to define, in your own words, his project in writing Essay 1. Try to make Berger the subject or actor of your sentences. For instance, “In this essay, Berger wants to . . . “; or, “In this essay, Berger tries to . . .”

To do

John Berger on Ways of Seeing

  1. Fri, 2/14, 1:00 pm: Read Chapter 2 of Ways of Seeing. You’ll notice that there aren’t any words in it. Even so, I want you to write a paragraph in which you define Berger’s project in writing/composing this essay. Be ready to point to particular moments in the essay that help you explain what you think Berger’s project. Email your paragraph to me. But please also print out a copy and bring it with you to class
  2. Friday, 2/14, class: As you know, Ways of Seeing is based on a TV program that Berger made for the BBC in 1972.  A copy of the first episode (with unfortunately distracting subtitles) is posted on YouTube. Watch as much of it as you can. But please pay special attention to minutes 22–26, when Berger talks about the paintings by Franz Hals that he also discusses in Essay 1 (pp. 11–16). Come to class ready to talk about how the video example adds to or differs from the written one.

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