Class, Wed, 2/19

Fastwrite: Going meta

Quickly read over your draft of p1.  In two or three sentences, define your own project in writing it.

  • Identify 5 or 6 keywords or images in Berger that you will use. (At least one of these keywords must come from each of the three essays.)
  • Note one or two keywords that you will bring to your discussion of Berger.
  • Note at least one important example you will quote and work with.

Defining a writer’s project: Three moves 

  • Describe in your own words what the writer is trying to do or achieve.
  • Identify some keywords.
  • Point to some important examples.

Berger Essay 3

  • Bryan T
  • Hana C
  • Jen H

What commonalities run through these three accounts of Berger’s project? What differences of emphasis do you see?

Questions about p1 or Dropbox

To do

  1. Thurs, 2/20, 10:00 am: Post p1 to your Dropbox folder.
  2. Fri, 2/21, class: Bring a print copy of your p1 with you to class.
  3. Mon, 2/24: No class
  4. Tues, 2/25, 10:00 am: Post the examples you will use for p2 to Dropbox.
  5. Wed, 2/26, class: Bring your examples to class. Be ready to discuss Berger Essays 4 and 5.

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