p2: Working With and Against Berger

Please read Essays 4 and 5 of Ways of Seeing (pp. 66–122).

Your task in this  brief essay is to suggest some ways in which Berger’s thinking continues to make sense in our current culture and some ways in which it needs to be tweaked or updated.  Id’d like you to do so by Identifying what seems to you a new idea, or a new twist on an idea, that Berger puts forward in one of these chapters, and then using that idea to interpret two images from our current culture—one that seems to support or illustrate what Berger has to say and another that causes some difficulties for his line of thought. (By current, let’s say since 2000.)

You will want to both cite where the idea you’re working with appears in Berger’s text and to explain it in your own words. You should also identify, if possible, who produced the images you’re working with and where you have found them.

Include the images you are using in the body of your piece. That is, do not simply paste them onto the final pages of your essay. Make sure you tell your readers what you want us to notice about the images and how they relate to Berger’s thinking. Your goal as a writer say something about the present uses and limits of Berger’s way of thinking—what he helps you to notice about current images and what he misses or distorts about them.

Your essay should run about as long as p1—that is, about 500 or 600 words. Title your document <lastname p2>. Proofread. Remember to add the kinds of paratext we discussed in class: name, title, assignment, page numbers. Post your essay to your Dropbox folder by 4:00 pm on Thurs, 2/27.

Good luck!


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