Class, Wed, 3/05

Responding toward revision

1) Make a copy of the document you are responding to.

2) Write a note to the writer in which you:

  • State the aim of the piece.
  • Note what works well so far.
  • Suggest one or two ways in which the writer might develop or rethink their piece.
  • Address the author by name and sign yours.

3) Identify two or three points in the essay where the writer might do the kind of work in revision that you suggest in your note. You can use insert comments in Word to do this.

4) Add your initials to the document title and save to your Group folder. For example: If I were to respond to Nyle’s essay, I’d save the version with my comments as: Smith e1.d1 jh.docx.

These responses and your participation in the workshops on Friday and Monday will count as p3.

Practice: Write a response to the first few ¶s of “Places at the Table.”

To do

  1. Thurs, 3/06, 4:00 pm: Post your responses to your group members’ drafts to your Group Dropbox folder (p3).
  2. Fri, 3/07, class: Read the comments on your draft from your group members.
  3. Fri, 3/07, class: Print out (a) a clean copy of your own e1.d1, and (b) copies of your group members’ drafts with your comments on them. Bring these copies with you to class. You will use them in our workshop.

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