p3: Responding and workshopping

We have now reached the point in this course where our focus is on the work that all of you are doing as writers. Your third process grade (p3) will give you credit for participating in our class workshops of e1.d1.

I’ll expect you to do two things to earn full credit for p3.

  • Respond carefully in writing to the drafts posted by the other members of your writing group. Please follow the Guidelines for Responding posted on this site. We will also practice composing helpful responses to work in progress in class.
  • Participate thoughtfully in our in-class workshops of e1.d1. Here I will expect you to follow the Guidelines for Workshopping posted on this site.

This is not busy work. One of the goals of E110 is to help you learn how to make thoughtful and effective use of the feedback you are offered on your work as a writer.  This is a moment when you can begin to earn how to develop a piece, to make it not only more correct and polished but also more interesting and ambitious.


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