p4: Revising plan

Based on the responses you’ve now received to your first draft , both in writing and in workshop , I’d like you to formulate a plan for developing your essay in a second draft.  Please email me a  revising plan that includes:

  1. Summary: A brief summary of the responses your group members offered to your draft. What did they like? Where did they feel confused, unconvinced, or uncertain? What advice did they give you about  moving to a second draft?
  2. Plan: A rough plan for revising. What do you now want to add to your essay? What will you delete? What will you rework? The more specific you can make your plans at this point, the better off you are likely to be. You may want to attach to your email an annotated copy of your first draft in which you identify precisely where you plan to add, cut, or rework what you’ve written.
  3. Questions: What do you want to ask me at this point? How can I help you revise?  Again, the more specific and precise your questions are, the more likely I will be able to offer you a useful and pointed response.

I will email you back a  brief response to your revising plan. I’ll also be happy to talk more with you about your essay, if you’d like. Just let me know, and we can set up a time to meet.


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