Class, Mon, 3/10

Workshop: Final drafts

  • What works best
  • What to work on next
  • Questions from writer or teacher

Questions from teacher

  • What details does the writer notice in the images they are discussing? What other details might they point to?
  • How does the writer differ from or extend the ideas of Berger? How might they develop this line of thinking?

To do

  1. Tues, 3/11, 10:00 am:  Email me your revision plan (p4). I will reply promptly.
  2. Wed, 3/112, class: Be ready to discuss all of Berger, Ways of Seeing.
  3.  Fri, 3/14, class: Arak Anthology.
  4. Mon, 3/17, class: Bring a print copy of your current version of e1.d2.
  5. Tues, 3/18, 10:00 am: Post e1.d2 to your individual Dropbox folder.

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