Class, Wed, 3/12

My responses to your work


Bull Durham, dir. Ron Shelton, 1988

  • A sense of project rather than topic. “In this essay I argue that . . .”
  • A connection to Berger’s specific phrasings and ideas. See below.

Ways of Seeing

In groups of three: Identify at least 10 keywords or concepts from Ways of Seeing. Note the pages on which they appear. You must have at least one keyword or concept from each of Essays 1, 3, 5, and 7.

To do

  1. Fri, 3/14, class: Bring a print-out of the current version of your first essay with you to class.
  2. Fri, 3/14 class: Read McConnie-Saad (26–31) and Eller (38–43) from the Arak Anthology. How do they use words and ideas from their sources to make points of their own?
  3. Mon, 3/17, class: Bring a print copy of your current version of e1.d2.
  4. Tues, 3/18, 10:00 am: Post e1.d2 to your individual Dropbox folder.

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