Class, Fri, 3/14

imgresUsing sources (Arak)

In pairs: Identify at least two moments in which either  McConnie-Saad or Eller takes an idea from one text and applies it to their analysis of another text. What words would you use to describe what the writer is doing at these points?

e1.d2: Revising to develop

Coming to terms with your own draft

Fastwrite: Write a paragraph that describes your project in writing Essay One. Include in this paragraph:

  1. Your aim in writing—the point you want to make about Berger, or that you want to use Berger to make.
  2. The keywords and ideas in Berger that you are working with. Cite specific phrasings and the pages on which they appear.
  3. The images you plan to use and why. What is it about these particular images that makes them especially effective in testing or extending Berger’s ideas?

To do

  1. Mon, 3/17, class: Bring a printout of the current version of your e1.d2, along with any handwritten notes you may have, with you to class.
  2. Tues, 3/18, 10:00 am: Post e1.d2 and your revision memo to your individual Dropbox folder.

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