Class, Mon, 3/17

Revising: Developing and Refining

Sentence outline

Read carefully through the current version of your e1.d2. Summarize each ¶ in a sentence (or two) that states: (a) your aim in the ¶, (b) the texts you are working with, and (c) how this ¶ builds on or diverges from the ¶ before it.

Then, read through the summaries you’ve created: Do they describe a coherent and interesting line of thought? What might you change, delete, or add?


Read through your essay once again. Highlight (a) the names of other writers, artists, or works you discuss; (b) words or phrases you take from someone else; and (c) important words or phrases that you bring to the discussion. Then draw on these words to create the following types of titles:

  • Straightforward
  • Allusive
  • Doubled


Your second draft must include

  • Your name, date, assignment, and title on the first page.
  • A running head that includes your last name, a short form of our title, and page number.
  • In-text page citations and a list of references (or image captions).

You will be downgraded if any one of these elements is missing.

To do

  1. Tues, 3/18, 10:0 am: Post e1.d2 and your revision memo to your individual Dropbox folder.
  2. Wed, 3/19, and Fri, 3/21: No class. I will, ironically enough, be attending a conference on the teaching of writing.
  3. Mon, 3/24, class: Bring a printout of your e1.d2 with my comments to class. If you have made any changes to your piece, bring a copy of those as well.
  4. Thurs, 3/27, 4:00 pm: Post e1.d3 to your individual Dropbox folder. This essay will receive a letter grade.

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