Class, Mon, 3/24

Moving from d2 to d3

lead_largeMe reading your second drafts




Read through your essay once again. Highlight (a) the names of other writers, artists, or works you discuss; (b) words or phrases you take from someone else; and (c) important words or phrases that you bring to the discussion. Then draw on these words to create the following types of titles:

  • Straightforward: This Is My Topic or Perspective
  • Allusive: This Quotation Hints at My Topic or perspective
  • Doubled: Straightforward Plus Allusive

Words to Put in Lower Case in Titles


To do

  1. Wed, 3/26, class: Bring a printout of the most current version of your essay with you to class.
  2. Mon, 3/231, 11:59 pm: Post e1.d3 , along with your reflection on writing it, to your individual Dropbox folder. This essay will earn a letter grade.
  3. Have a great break!

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