Class, Wed, 3/26

Some thoughts in response to your second drafts

  • Define your project in writing. (See below.)
  • Go deep rather than wide. Look for several examples of the same kind of image, rather than completely different sorts of images.
  • Try to move away from a block-like structure in which you first talk about Berger and then talk separately about your examples. E.g.  “Here is what John Berger says about mystification. And here are some current examples of  mystification.” Try instead to talk about Berger and your examples at the same time, in the space of the same paragraph.
  • Connect your examples. Show how they build on or contrast with each other. Show how they relate to Berger’s writing.
  • Work! You need to invest time and thought to earn a good grade.

Defining your project in writing: Some examples from

  • Marissa M, “The Objectification of Women . . . and Men”
  • Alexis B, “The Power of Photography”
  • Jen H, “Are You Buying What Publicity Is Selling?”
  • Lindsay C, “Can You Buy Beauty in a Bottle?”
  • Katie H, “Let’s Get Naked: A Bergerian Guide to Modern Feminism”

How does the writer articulate:

  • Her stance toward Berger,
  • The materials she will work with,
  • The aim or direction of her writing.

e1.d3: Final draft

To do

  1. Fri, 3/28, class: Bring to class either your laptop with your current version of e1.d3 on it , or a printout of your current draft..
  2. Mon, 3/231, 11:59 pm: Post e1.d3 , along with your process memo, to your individual Dropbox folder. This essay will earn a letter grade.
  3. Have a great break!

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