e1.d3: Final Draft

The final draft of your first essay for this course is due on Mon, 3/31, at 4:00 pm. This essay will earn a letter grade. In assigning your work a grade, I will use the form we discussed in class on Mon, 3/24, so you may want to refer to that as you prepare the final version of your writing.

Please post your e1.d3 to your individual Dropbox folder, along with a brief reflection on the process of developing and revising your piece. Title your essay: lastname e1d3.docx. Title your reflection lastname reflection.docx.

You need to do a number of things in this final draft. Most important, you need to make sure you have something of interest to say in it—that you make strong use of Berger in reading some images from our current culture. But you also need to make sure that this final version of your essay looks and sounds as good as you can make it. Edit your prose for clarity and style. Proofread it for correctness. Document your sources. Make sure you include the appropriate paratext (titles, heads, etc.).  Be thoughtful about document design—that is, about your use of fonts, margins, spacing, images, captions, and the like

Your essay should conclude with two new sections: a note of Acknowledgments and a list of References. Use your acknowledgments to thank people who have helped you imagine, draft, and revise your essay—friends, roommates, members of your writing group, Writing Center tutors, and so on.  Make your thanks as specific, generous, and graceful as you can. Include in your references any written texts you have consulted (Berger, obviously, but there may be others) and the sources of any images you analyze. We will look at some examples of acknowledgments and references in class on Fri, 3/26.

Your reflection should run about 250 words. Respond to the following questions in it: What were your goals in writing this essay ? How did those goals—and your strategies for achieving them—evolve as you moved from idea to draft to revision to final version? What especially pleases you about your essay in its final form?  Refer to specific moments and passages in your work.

Good luck! I look forward to reading your essay!


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