p5: Proposal

Since your second essay for this course will involve your doing some independent research, I’d like you to begin by putting together a brief proposal in which you identify some of the key ideas and materials you plan to work with.  Your writing for this assignment does not need to take the form of a polished essay, but it should report on some substantive research you have undertaken. Specifically, you should:

  1. Identify the keywords or ideas from Berger you will work with. Pin these words or ideas to specific passages from Ways of Seeing.
  2. Locate at least two  texts written by other scholars who have worked with similar keywords or ideas. Please include full citations for these texts—along with hyperlinks, if possible. In a sentence or two for each text, discuss how the work of these scholars builds upon or relates to the keywords or ideas from Berger.
  3. Locate some current materials—images, videos, or other texts—that you would like to analyze in your essay. Provide citations for these materials. In a sentence or two for each, discuss how these materials connect with the scholarly texts you’ve found.
  4. Ask me any questions you have at this point about your project.

A proposal is not a contract. I expect that your thinking about this essay will evolve and perhaps shift directions as you continue to work on it. Your aim at this point should be to identify a set of ideas and materials that interest you and that you can imagine spending the next several weeks working on.

Please title your document lastname proposal.docx and post it to your individual Dropbox folder  by Thus, 4/10, at 10:00 am. Good luck! I look forward to seeing what sorts of projects you propose!



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