Class, Wed, 4/09

Grades for Essay One

Joining an academic conversation: Working with other scholars who are working with Berger

An example: Linda Nead on the naked and the nude.

Nead, Linda. (1990). “The Female Nude.” Signs: 320–340.

  • Create a citation for the article..
  • What keywords or ideas from  Berger does  the author cite?
  • What strengths in Berger’s analysis does she point to?
  • What problems does she note?
  • What keywords of her own does she introduce?
  • What current images might you use as examples or counterexamples of her thinking?

Create a similar set of notes for each of the two texts you have brought with you to class.

Addition to p5

In Section ii, lease note how you found the two scholarly texts you plan to work with.  Possible answers would include: Google Scholar, Delcat, JSTOR,  Project MUSE, or the References in another book or article.

To do

  1. Thurs, 4/10, 10:00 am: Post your proposal (p5 )to your individual Dropbox folder.
  2. Fri, 4/11, class: Bring three print copies of your proposal (p5) to class with you. Also bring copies of the scholarly texts you plan to work with in your essay and any images that you have found that you may want to analyze.



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