p6: Responding and workshopping

Your task for p6 is essentially the same as for p3: I’d like you to read and respond in writing to the drafts written by your group members. And I’d like you to take active part in our workshops in class on Wed, 4/16, and Fri, 4/18.

There will be two changes, however. First, you will be in a writing group of five or six people, so you will have more work to do a responder and you more feedback to consider as a writer. Second, I will expect the conversation about your drafts to be more substantive and detailed than in our first workshop.

You will need to do two things to earn full credit for p6.

  • Respond carefully in writing to the drafts posted by the other members of your writing group. Please follow the Guidelines for Responding posted on this site.  In particular, I’d like you to take particular care in trying to state the project or “big idea” in each draft—or to say why you are having problems in doing so.
  • Participate thoughtfully in our in-class workshops of e2.d1. Here I will expect you to follow the Guidelines for Workshopping posted on this site.

This is not busy work. One of the goals of E110 is to help you learn how to make thoughtful and effective use of the feedback you are offered on your work as a writer.  This is meant to be a moment when you can begin to learn how to develop a piece, to make it more interesting and ambitious. I’m not convinced that moment of learning really occurred for several of you the last time around. It’s in your interest to make sure it does now.


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