Class, Wed, 4/16

Workshops e2.d1


Read through the responses to your draft. In a set of notes to yourself, write down the following:

  • What kinds of advice do several of your readers offer you?
  • What sorts of outlier, yet interesting, advice do one or two readers offer?
  • What kinds of advice do some readers offer that you can safely ignore?

Based on your analysis of these responses, select a 750–1,000 word section of your piece that you would like to read aloud—along with one or two pointed questions for your readers that you feel will help you develop your piece in a second draft.


  • Read along with the author, marking passages that work for you with a solid line and passages that you want to raise questions about with a squiggle.
  • Note the questions that the authors have asked you. Make sure you are ready to respond with detailed advice.
  • Be ready to add to both (a) what you’ve written in your comments, and (b) what the other readers have said.
  • Offer some thoughts about the draft in relation to my new map of essay two.

To do

  1. Fri, 4/18, class: Continue workshop.
  2. Tues, 4/22, 10:00 am: Email me your revision plan (p7). This is the final due date. It would probably be a good idea to formulate your plan and send it to me earlier, if you can.

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