Class, Mon, 4/21

Berger and Outside(r) Art: Graffiti and Murals

  • Berger, 1972, Ways of Seeing, pp. 18–19, and 32–33 [pdf]
  • Bailey Kung, 2007,  “Graffiti: Art or Vandalism,” Arak Anthology (2013):  52–57.




Fastwrite: Take 15 minutes to look through these three pieces. Then write a few sentences in which you connect Berger’s ideas to either Kung or Hillman. For instance, how does Berger help you understand the graffiti discussed  by Kung? Or the Belfast murals photographed and written about by Hillman? Or even better, how does Kung or Hillman help you rethink Berger’s ideas about the relationship between place and art?

To do

  1. Tues, 4/22, 10:00 am: Email me your revision plan (p7). This is the final due date. It would probably be a good idea to formulate your plan and send it to me earlier, if you can.
  2. Wed, 4/23, homework for  class: Talking back to Berger: Write a ¶ in which you discuss how one of your sources helps you rethink some aspect of Berger’s writing. You must quote directly from both your source and Berger. (If this turns out to be a good ¶, you will probably want to find a place for it in your essay.) Bring two print copies of your ¶ with you to class. (I will ask for one to read.)
  3. Fri, 4/25, class: Bring digital versions of the images you plan to use in your essay. We will work on placing and editing them in class.
  4. Mon, 4/28, class: Bring a print copy of e2.d2.  We will work on editing these in class.
  5. Tues, 4/29, 10:00 am: Post e2.d2 to your individual Dropbox folder.

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