Class, Wed, 4/23

Talking back to Berger: “Going deep”

In groups of three: Read the ¶s written by your two group members. Underline or highlight any phrases or sentences in which either the source or or author pushes or extends what Berger has to say—in effect, where they say something new, add to the conversation. Then, write the first sentence of the next ¶. Begin that sentence with either the phrase: “What’s important to note here is . . .” or “An interesting example is . . .”

Writers: Develop one of the new ¶s that your readers have begun. You may rewrite the first sentence, if you wish. When you are finished, check to see if there is a place in your current essay  where you might add some version of these new ¶s.

To do

  1. Tues, 4/22, 10:00 am: Email me your revision plan (p7). This is the final due date. It would probably be a good idea to formulate your plan and send it to me earlier, if you can.
  2. Thurs, 4/24, 4:00 pm:  Create a complete list of references for your essay.  Format them consistently and arrange them in alphabetical order by author. I recommend using the Chicago  Author-Date style. Copy  this list and paste it into the body of an email. Send that email to me.
  3. Fri, 4/25, class: Bring digital versions of the images you plan to use in your essay. We will work on placing and editing them in class.
  4. Mon, 4/28, class: Bring a print copy of e2.d2.  We will work on editing these in class.
  5. Tues, 4/29, 10:00 am: Post e2.d2 to your individual Dropbox folder.

Moment of Zen

When citation formats go bad, from The Onion700


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