p8: Remediating

In your last assignment I would like you to compose and present a brief visual essay that illustrates one of the key ideas from either your first or second essay for this course. Writing theorists now  call this sort of work remediating—by which they mean moving an argument from one medium (in this case, writing) to another (visual images). You will also recognize what I’m asking you to do as a version of what John Berger does in his “essays without words” in Ways of Seeing.

Your visual essay must consist of at least five images. Some of these must come from either your first or second essay; others may be new to this piece. Your essay must have a title and the sources of your images should be identified.  Other than your title, you should use written text as sparingly as possible. Try to make your argument through your images—in the ways you crop, arrange, and order them.

Please use either PowerPoint or Keynote to create your document. (We will review how to use these programs briefly in class.) I will ask you to present your slides to the class with whatever verbal commentary you choose to offer. The only restriction is that you may not take less than one minute or more than two.

Good luck! Have some fun! I look forward to seeing how you recast and remediate your writing!


  • Fri, 5/09, class: Bring print  copies of the images you plan to use with you to class. We will work with them.
  • Mon, 5/12. class: Presentations.
  • Wed, 5/14, class: Presentations.

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