Class, Wed, 5/07


Paragraphs (¶s)

  • How many ¶s are in your essay?
  • How many lines per ¶?
  • Create one or two short ¶s for effect.


  • Pick a sample ¶.
  • How many sentences are in it?
  • How many words are in each sentence?
  • Create at least one sentence under 10 words and one sentence over 30 words.

Sentence structure/punctuation

  • How many times do you use the following marks of punctuation: :  ;  —  (  )
  • Create at least one sentence, over 20 words long, that uses one of those marks.

Editing Pairs

  • Line editing: Read your partner’s essay line by line, slowly. Mark any word, phrase, or sentence that strikes you as somehow wrong, awkward, or unclear. Over-rather than under-mark. Don’t correct. Your goal is simply to flag moments in the essay that the authors should reconsider and perhaps rework.
  • Fact-checking: Check citations, and captions, in the text to the list of references at the end. Note any references that seem missing, unclear, or incomplete.
  • Paratext: Double-check title, subheads, running head, BLQs, and format of references.
  • Sections: Body text, acknowledgments, references, reflection.
  • Title: How well does it suggest the topic and stance of the author?
  • Final question: If you were going to make one change to this piece, it would be . . .?

To do

  1. Thurs, 5/08, 10:00 am: Post e2d3 to your individual Dropbox folder.
  2. Fri, 5/09, class: Bring five images to class that you can use in remediating either your first or second essay as a two-minute visual essay. Have a working title for your visual essay. We will work with these images in class.

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