Class, Mon, 5/12, and Wed, 5/14

Presentations: Visual Essays (p8)

Mon, 5/12

Group One: Influence of Self Image

  • Bobby Stump, “Looking at the Stars”
  • Alexis Banaszak, “Using Her Body to Speak Her Pain: A Woman’s Struggle to Gain a Man’s Approval”
  • Lindsay Crawford, “AD-apting Your Self Image”
  • Jennifer Hoffstadt, “”Redefining Culture’s Image of the Disabled”

Group Two: The Evolvement of Gender Throughout Media

  • Andrew Major, “A Past Struggle: Women”
  • Marissa Major,  “Gender Equality on Screen”
  • Jonathan Mattner,  “The Power of Gender Roles Through Men’s and Women’s Actions”

Group Three: Reproduction of Images 

  • Tyler Stone, ‘My Tattoos As Reproductions’
  • Nyle Smith,  “Basquiat in Reproduction”
  • Joey Fortebuono, “Alteration of Meaning Due to Reproduction”
  • Morgann Sherman,  “How Reproduction of Art Leads to Our Biased Views”

Wednesday, 5/14

Group Four: A World That Is Not Our Own

  • Bryan Taylor, “Advertising: Before & After”
  • Hana Chammack, “What’s in your Mind?”
  • Kendall Law, “Why Don’t I Look Like Her?”
  • Tyler Leitzke, “Why Aren’t You in the Kitchen?”

Group Five: The Rebirth of Women: Changing the Ideal Path 

  • Princess Cardenio, ” Being Held Down: How Bodily Portrayal Implies Submission”  
  • Katie Hottes,  “The War on Women: Rape is Rape” 
  • Sachi Brathwaite,  “Branching Out: Changing Roles and Stereotypes”

Group Six: Exaggerating the Truth: Progression of Ads in Our Culture

  • Stephen Mclaren, “Great Expectations: How Advertisements Take an Unrealistic Approach”
  • Kathryn Siemienski, “Reusing Art for Destructive Reproductions”
  • Ryan Boucher, “Evolution of Advertising: From Selling a Product to Marketing a Name”
  • Safiyah Mansoori, “How Advertising Creates False Hope”

Course Evaluations:

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