e2d2: Some logistics

Your second draft of your second essay (e2d2) is due Tues, 4/29, at 10:00 am. This draft should be about 2,00 words long. Please title your document lastname e2d2.docx and post it to your individual Dropbox folder.

The substance of your task is much the same as before as when you revised your first essay (e1d2)—to develop the work you’ve done on your first draft, to flesh out your argument and ideas, to make sure you are making detailed and deep use of your examples. But I would also like to add a few technical requirements:

  • You must alter (crop, sequence, break) at least one of the images you use in your text.
  • Your images must be captioned.
  • You must have a consistently formatted list of references.
  • You must use in-text page citations when you quote from your sources.

We will spend time in class making sure that you have all these technical elements in place.

I will then schedule a 15-minute one-to-one conference with you to talk about the work you’ve done in revision. Please bring an annotated printout of your essay with you to this conference. Your notes and highlights should clearly note:

  • Passages in your draft that you added or significantly reworked in revision, and that you thus want to draw my attention to.
  • Passages that you still have questions or concerns about, moments where you feel you may want to add to your text.
  • Any questions that you have for me as you move forward with your final draft.

This annotated draft will essentially take the place of the revision memo you wrote at this stage of your work on your first draft.

Your third, finishing draft of this essay will be due on Thurs, 5/08. This draft should also include acknowledgments and a reflection on revision. We will work on proofreading these drafts in class on Wed, 5/07.

Good luck! I look forward to reading your work and talking with you about it.