Class, Fri, 2/14

Defining a writer’s project

  • What is the writer trying to do
  • Keywords
  • Examples from the text

For example: Berger and Hals

  • Ways of Seeing (1972), video, Episode 1, min 22–26
  • Ways of Seeing (1972), book,  pp. 11–16

Fastwrite: “That is mystification.” What does Berger mean by this? In your own words, explain how (according to Berger) the critic “mystifies” our response to Hals’ paintings.

p1: Defining Berger’s project

Using Dropbox

To do

  1. Mon, 2/17, 1:00 pm: Read Essay 3 of Ways of Seeing (pp. 45–64). In a brief paragraph, define Berger’s project in this essay. Email me that paragraph, and also bring a print copy with you to class.
  2. Tues, 2/18, 4:00 pm: Post p1 to Dropbox.

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